Geoffroy Raby - Restaurateur

Founder of Cuisinett Bistro & Market, Geoffroy Raby, was born in Lille, France. Since the age of 15, he has dreamt about coming to the USA to fulfill his "American Dream". Raby arrived in San Francisco in 1999 and decided to do his studies in the US. He holds a BS in Marketing and Finance from San Francisco States University. To sustain his life in the US, Raby started to work in restaurants while going full time to school. Holding multiple roles in the FOH (Front Of the House), Raby discovered that the Hospitality business is his real passion. After graduating, Raby worked for a year and half as an insurance agent, mostly insuring restaurants. He learned how to insure businesses and the importance of being properly insured. Next experience was a year and half as a Salesperson leasing kitchen equipment to restaurant. This experience taught Raby about kitchen's layout, code, and efficiency. In 2011, Raby was ready to launch his first restaurant in San Carlos, CA. over the past 11 years, the restaurant has become a great success in the San Francisco Peninsula.

Raby is now ready to grow Cuisinett Bistro & Market to the next level. When Raby does not focus on the restaurant, he loves to play squash, riding his bike and peloton, read or enjoy fantastic meals with his wife of 20 years and their 11 years old twin boys.

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